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Many a spear had already been shivered in maintenance of her charms; and the gallant Hugo de Lacy, Constable of Chester, one of the most redoubted warriors of the time, had laid at Evelines feet the prize which his chivalry had gained in a great tournament brand new sybian near that ancient town. Gwenwyn considered these triumphs as so many additional recommendations to Eveline; her beauty was incontestable, and she was heiress of the fortress which he so much longed to possess, and which he brand new sybian now to think might be acquired by means more smooth than those with which he was in the use of working out his will. Again, the hatred which subsisted between the British and their Saxon brand new sybian Norman invaders; his long and ill-extinguished feud with this very Raymond Berenger; a general recollection that alliances between the Welsh and English had rarely been happy; and a consciousness that the measure which he meditated would be unpopular among brand new sybian followers, and appear a dereliction of the systematic principles on which he had hitherto acted, restrained him from speaking his wishes to Raymond or his daughter. The idea of the rejection of his suit did not for a moment occur to him; he was convinced he had but to speak his wishes, and that the daughter of a Norman, castellane, whose rank or power were not of the highest order among the nobles of the frontiers, brand new sybian be delighted and honoured by a proposal for allying his family with that of the sovereign of a hundred mountains. There was indeed another objection, which in later times would have been of considerable weight-Gwenwyn was already married.
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